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Famous for our signature Candelari sausage, Candelari's Italian restaurants and pizzerias in Houston, TX, serve a mouth-watering array of authentic dishes. Find the location nearest you.

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Candelari’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria in Houston

Ask almost any native Houstonian about Candelari’s Italian restaurant and pizzeria in Houston, and most likely the first thing you will hear is something about our signature Italian sausage. Given that our restaurant developed almost naturally out of the renowned, Candelari’s Sausage Company, this is no surprise. And while we have grown to become one the most recognizable and best Italian restaurants and pizzerias in Houston, we are very proud of our modest roots.

The Story of Albert Candelari

The story of the Candelari’s sausage company goes back all the way to 1959, when a gallon of gas cost only twenty-five cents and the average household income was a mere $5000. Eisenhower was President, Nixon was Vice-President, Hawaii and Alaska gained statehood, the space race was on, and Miles Davis released his landmark jazz album, Kind of Blue.

Amid all these national and cultural shifts, Albert Candelari was inspired to start making sausage in the back of his liquor store, Rex Liquor. The recipe he eventually settled upon, like the national spirit, looked both forwards in time and backwards in history. Stuffed with a generous portion of traditional Italian herbs and spices, the sausage was flavorful and zesty, instead of just hot and spicy. For almost four decades, however, Albert’s sensational recipe lived only as a beloved tradition within the Candelari family.

The Original Candelari Sausage Company

Finally in 1993, Albert’s grandson, Michael May, with the help of his sister, decided to put the sausage on the market. Slowly and steadily over the next ten years, the Candelari Sausage Company grew to become one of the most well-known brands of sausages in the Houston area. At the height of its success, Michael was approached by fellow Bellaire High School graduate, Greg Wheeler. He suggested that if people liked Candelari’s sausage all on its own, then they were going to absolutely love it crumbled over an Italian woodfired pizza. Almost overnight the company transformed into the Candelari’s we know and love today, famous not just for its signature sausage, but for being one of the best Italian restaurants and pizzerias in Houston today.

Candelari’s Pizza in Houston

If you already like pizza places in Houston, then you’re going to love Candelari’s. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure total authenticity of taste and experience. From fresh, hand-made pasta, to mouth-watering woodfire pizza with fresh ingredients, it's a real Italian experience. Best of all, don’t miss the acclaimed lunch buffet at our flagship West University location. Monday thru Friday, 11am - 2pm.

Now Also One of the Best Italian Restaurants in Houston

Just in case pizza’s not your dish…and you’re actually NOT into pizza places in Houston, we’ve got something for you, too. We’ve gone out of our way to offer a mouth-watering selection of traditional Italian lunch and dinner plates. For our classicists, you can’t go wrong with our wide selection of sausage-covered pastas, such as the Pasta Tucci or Lasagna. As for those looking for something a little more contemporary, we suggest the popular Campagna or delicious Tuscan Kale.

Try Candelari’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria in Houston Today

If you’ve never tried Candelari’s pizza, sausage, or authentic Italian cuisine, don’t wait another minute. Our sausage is often described as nothing less than life-changing. Come in out of the hot Houston sun and relax. Enjoy a glass of wine, local beer, or refreshing Italian Campari, while you wait for your pizza, pasta, or salad.

Looking for a deal? Check out our specials. Don’t wait another minute, find the Candelari’s location nearest you. You’ll be amazed at what three generations of hard-working Houston entrepreneurs can produce!



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Candelaris Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria in Houston