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All You Can Eat Pizza Lunch Buffet Houston | Candelari's

Candelari's offers an exceptional all you can eat pizza lunch buffet in Houston, Monday thru Friday, from 11:00AM-2:00PM. Dine with us today!

Candelari’s Weekday Lunch Buffet Special

All You Can Eat Pizza Lunch Buffet



$8.50/Child 6-12yrs


Candelari’s All You Can Eat Pizza Lunch Buffet Near Me in Houston is for all those Italian food lovers who just can’t get enough of a good thing. Whether you just can’t choose or just can’t help yourself, you’ll love the selection and variety of our weekday pizza lunch buffet.

best pizza in houston candelari's catering buffet

Not Your Average Houston Pizza Buffet

In addition to the standard, popular pizza buffet varieties (cheese, meat, and/or veggie), we do our best to keep our buffet stocked with our signature pizzas, too. These house favorites include the T-Rex, Papa Albert, King Mike, Gunslinger, Wrigley, and a truly out-of-this-world veggie pizza with feta cheese on five grain wheat. Best of all, for our true pizza fanatics, our all you can eat buffet also includes a variety of pizza crusts, including thin crust, thick crust, and even deep dish.

A Houston Lunch Buffet 'near me' with Something for Everyone

A question we often get is, ‘does your lunch buffet have anything other than pizza?’ Of course it does! Whether or not you enjoy all you can eat pizza, we offer fresh Italian bread rolls, a full salad bar, two different pastas, and tender buffalo chicken strips—served with a spicy buffalo sauce. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention dessert. You just can’t go wrong with our cinnamon-sugar dessert pizza topped with a fresh fruit compote.


FAQ - All You Can Eat Pizza Buffet in Houston

  • When is the pizza lunch buffet?
    Our pizza buffet is available Monday to Friday, 11am - 2pm
  • What is included in the all you can eat buffet?
    Our all you can eat lunch buffet includes: Pizza, Pasta, Fresh Bread Rolls, Full Salad Bar, Buffalo Chicken Strips, and Dessert Pizza.
  • What is the price?
    $11.99 per person, ages 13+. $8.99 per child, ages 6-12. Free for children under 5.
  • Does it include drinks?
    No. Fountain drinks are $1.50 per person, or you may order from our drinks menu or wine list.
  • Can I sit on the patio?
    Yes. Weather permitting.
  • Is there live music?
    No. Not during lunch, but we have live music most Wed & Sat nights.
  • Can you handle large groups?
    Yes. For best seating please call ahead for groups 6+.
  • What about private parties?
    Yes. We can host private parties during the lunch buffet. Please call ahead to make arrangements.

best pizza in houston candelari's catering buffet

All You Can Eat Pizza Buffet Near Me - Houston TX | Candelari's Weekday Lunch Special